Version Mismatch NotesΒΆ

When running with unified FortiManager Galaxy collections, you probably see a warning if some of the attributes are not for the remote fortimanager targets:

[WARNING]: Ansible has detected version mismatch between FortiManager and your playbook, see more details by appending option -vvv

by appending -vvv option onto the ansible-playbook command, you will see version_check_warning in the verbose output, one example is as below:

"version_check_warning": {
    "mismatches": [
        "param: system_global-->private-data-encryption not supported until in v6.2.5",
        "param: system_global-->per-policy-lock not supported until in v6.4.0",
        "param: system_global-->object-revision-status not supported until in v7.0.0"
    "system_version": "v6.0.0"

In the above fmgr_system_global example, you are reminded that private-data-encryption, per-policy-lock and object-revision-status are not available with FMG v6.0.0. to avoid failure, they must be removed.